Virtual Reality Experiences and Unity3D — LBCC presentation April 20

A Comic Tale: “James Busby scanned himself and look what happened!”

Photogrammetry for Unity3D

James Busby works as a photogrammetry scanning technician at Ten24 in Sheffield England.  He may own the company (?).  His Ten24 has a scan store where I license body scans for my VR projects.

Last month the company installed a new scanning stage.  Here’s a timelapse video recording of the installation:

This video doesn’t exist

On March 6th, James scanned his beloved car, a Zed, which was about to be sold.


On March 6th, James also scanned himself and started working on the raw images.

On March 24th at 10:47am · Sheffield, United Kingdom time,  James wrote, “Had a bit of time to work on this today. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow and I’ll make it all available for download.” Check out the boots!


Four days later, March 28, James posted the scan of himself on 3D Scanning User’s Group  for anyone to download.  It was fully retopologized and ready for rigging and animating.  He ‘gave himself away’ free on Ten24.  He asked, “This is me so please be kind to my scan.”


On March 29, only 10 hours later, Martin Olsson posted this response: [click for video]


Almost immediately, Stilfuchs posted this video:

2016-03-29p_Ulf OhnesorgeSharesStilfuchs'sVideo.

March 29 Ulf Ohnesorge shared Stilfuchs’ video.

And James posted his reply, created with  Mixamo auto rigger, Gangnam style.  Mixamo was recently purchased by Adobe and is part of the Adobe CC.

2016-03-30 MixamoAutoRiggerGangnamStyl

March 31, this appeared on the Cinematography Database Facebook page.

2016-03-31 Vray-typeTreatment

April 3 — A closeup showing his excellent, detailed work.


And if that wasn’t enough!

2016-04-03_CameronBerry _01

Now this, poor James, needled by his friends:

2016-04-03_CameronBerry _00