Current Virtual Reality Projects

Note:  If you have a VR headset, you can watch (or even download) some of these clips in 4K 360 immersive stereoscopic on

I’ve been authoring VR experiences since late 2012, first for the Rift DK1/2 and more recently for Samsung GearVR, Oculus CV-1, and the HTC Vive.  My environment of choice:  Unity3D, Newton Physics-based interaction scripting framework, and Rapture3D by Richard Furse.



Trailer from my talk at Game Sound Conference at the Biltmore Hotel Sept 28th 2016.


This is a long (3 min) version of the video clips from my GSC presentation “Prototyping Tools for Interactive Music.”  Contact me for a copy of the interactive .pdf or any other materials.


My Game Sound Conference presentation Sept 27-28, 2016.  Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles


Here’s a free download of this Trump project for the HTC Vive.  Just change the “eve of destruction” date to Dec 19th, the Electoral College vote.


WE3DU for 360 spatialized audio

WE3DU – from VR Psyche (stories)  “….has the old existential nausea got you down?  Go get yourself scanned!  Become Vertex Mesh!  Immortal on the Web.”

Designed to showcase 360 spatialized audio. The pink beamer in the image above is a sound source moving around your body.  Read all about it.

Here’s an earlier camera track video.

VoyeurReality – Fine Art(?) Erotica  is a long work-in-progress about self-image, identity, and gender.  In it, I appropriate famous paintings such as Nicolas Régnier’s The Martyrdom of St Sebastian (1620)—which looks sexualized and profane to contemporary eyes. The paintings are embedded in miniature, often humorous, psycho-dramas.  In the image below, Régnier’s arrows have been replaced by acupuncture needles wielded by a woman engaged in ritualized sex-play.  Fun or soft porn?

shot 0006
The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian
The Scarification of Isaac
shot 0002
Echo and Narcissus
shot 0002
The Affliction of Beauty

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